Our system is designed to target anybody for any type of genre, market, or niche. That means we can deliver your competitions followers to you on a silver platter or we can even target by hashtags. We then get their attention by sending a notification to their account. In return, they will take a look at your page and what content you have on it. The quality of your content will determine how much damage you can do with this service and how far you go. The type of fans that we target are those who are interested in exactly what you do. We work together with you to get exactly the type of people you want delivered to your page. That gives you the best chance of success.

This service is 100% safe to use. We are a 3rd Party Approved vendor with Facebook/Instagram. We do not use bots. We do not use any automation. We do NOT follow, unfollow, like, comment, DM, or spam in any way. Everything is well within Instagram’s Terms Of Service. There will never be any type of issue with your account using this service.

We will need access to the account in order to put you on our private network. We have to sync your account up in our system in order to get you access to the portal. Again, we will not be doing anything on the account. You should use the account as you normally would while your campaign is in progress. Of course, after your campaign is completed it is advised that you change your info for your own safety.

Social Media runs the music industry. Instagram is still #1 for artists when it comes to marketing priority. For any artist or label, the most important element to launching and maintaining a career is constantly acquiring new fans. Marketing budgets reach into the millions for this very reason. This service delivers the fans directly to you. No funnels needed! Imagine thousands of people per day being presented to your page. Depending on the quality of your content, this service could be all it takes to spark a career literally overnight.

There is no magical way to predict this number unfortunately. If you have great music, professional videos, and other great content you can easily go viral and get into the millions. At the bare MINIMUM, you are going to get somewhere around 1,000+ followers per month. Again, the quality of your content will determine how much and how many.

We are the only company in the industry that can actually provide you with 100% real active fans. Once we have built up your list of followers on Instagram for you, you now have their attention forever. Instagram feeds allow you to link directly to music platforms, social media, websites, photos, videos and any other media you have to promote. Over 75% of Instagram users post or comment daily, giving you a huge list of potential customers to directly connect with, engage with, and sell to. This creates a more budget-friendly and effective ROI compared to anything else including running those lame ads.

People don’t discover new artists from ads. They discover new music from sharing. Ads simply aren’t taken serious from fans when it comes to breaking new artists. When you’re trying to really establish yourself as an artist and make a career, it’s extremely hard to get eyes and ears on you. While it might appear that your favorite artists gained massive popularity through running ads, they didn’t. The record labels do it for them now because they are already established. But when you’re starting out you want your promotion to look as authentic and organic as possible even though it’s really not for anybody. It’s about the perception and illusion. Your image. Remember: every fan is paid for one way or another.

After we have gotten all of your campaign details you will start seeing some engagement within 24 hours after launching your campaign.

We will immediately email you at whichever email address you have paid under to collect your account and campaign details. If you don’t see our confirmation email with further instructions try checking your spam folder. If, for some reason, you still have not received our email then please contact us.

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