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We are currently the only company in the world with access to Universal Music Group's private networks of over 50 million validated fans split into specific networks by genre and demographics.

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The only company with actual employees at the major labels

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Only the best of the best are hired based on experience and proven track records

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Never worry about fake results

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We market and promote until every last fan has been delivered

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In an industry full of copycat companies selling nothing but fake, we have spent the last 8 years being the #1 leader in the market. It’s not hard to stand out when you’re the only company capable of offering 100% Real/Organic marketing services. Which is exactly why we are the only company in the world who has contracts with each major label for our exclusive services that remain elite amongst the fake and phony scam companies that are a dime a dozen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are very real people who are listening to your music. We do NOT use bots or fake playlists to deliver fake plays. These streaming platforms are now billion dollar companies. They have the money, resources, and  technology in place to detect Bots and ban accounts immediately. However, you are safe and in good hands simply because our networks are made up of nothing but real fans. You will be able to tell almost immediately that these are real people by the real interaction and feedback that you start to receive. There’s a reason why we are the only company in the world with marketing contracts with all 3 of the major labels for these services.

All music is promoted across Universal Music Group’s private networks of validated fans who are targeted by your genre and demographics. Various methods such as Email, Social Media, and other Private Databases are used to put your music in front of the fans most likely to become a fan of yours. As always, the quality of your content will determine how many new fans you are able to  acquire.

We 100% guarantee that your song(s) will will be promoted until everything included in the package you have ordered has been delivered in full by the fans on our networks. If for some reason we cannot deliver your campaign in full then we will issue you a full refund. (Please note that some services take longer to complete due to the nature of some platforms. The campaign ETA listed on the site is just that: an estimate. It is not a guarantee that the campaign will be finished within that time frame.)

If you are ordering a package on a streaming platform such as Spotify, Tidal, or YouTube then you will be eligible to be paid out royalties by these platforms. How much you will receive will depend on which platform and what the royalty rate is that particular month.  How much you make back off your investment will also depend on the quality of your content and how much the fans share your music with others. The bigger the promo package, the bigger the ROI. The streaming platforms will pay out to whichever digital distributor you have used within 30-60 days usualy after your campaign has finished.

We will be emailing you immediately at the email you entered at the checkout screen for your campaign details. Simply reply back to that email with the necessary information we have requested to get your campaign launched. You can also contact us via the Contact form below or speak to one of our Live Chat agents if for some reason you do not receive our confirmation email.

Campaign ETA durations are listed under each package. Anywhere from 10-90 days depending on the size of the package. Campaigns launch and fans start being delivered usually within 24-48 hours after receiving your order and campaign details.

No. All songs MUST already be uploaded to the platform that you want to promote on. We do not distribute or upload your songs to any platform or any other digital store for you. Songs must be longer than 1 minute of length or the plays/views will not count as a paid stream or view. We are able to deliver fans and ensure streams for songs worldwide regardless of your location.

Your songs will be listened to by fans that we are specifically targeting in your genre and demographic. This gives you the best chance to turn a casual listener into one of your die-hard fans that hopefully you can monetize and create other financial opportunities for yourself. While we try our best to deliver fans in your region or country, we cannot guarantee geo-targeted fans.

We don’t provide campaign analytic reports because you can see the data on the dashboards on all platforms or on the play/view counters of your video(s) or track(s). In addition, you can see more detailed information on your royalty statements from your digital distributor.

Our CEO has worked at UMG as an A&R for the past 8 years. This company was precisely built around giving other artists & labels that same exclusive access to these networks.

VIP members are chosen on a case-by-case basis and are chosen based on order amounts, package sizes, order frequency, and availability. If you feel that you should be eligible to receive discounts and various perks as a VIP member then please reach out and contact us. We will review your request and the higher-ups will determine if you qualify for VIP membership.

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